Why is The Last Resort threatened?

The Last Resort is threatened with demolition due in part, to lost agreements made in the fading mist of 40 years ago combined with the change of policies and county administration responsible. In the old days, a handshake was golden, what was accepted in the 1970s is not accepted now.

As part of The Lagunitas Project, we are determined to preserve the visionary integrity of David Lee Hoffman’s The Last Resort and increase community awareness through workshops, tours and residencies so that the TLR may continue to serve as a beacon of artistic ingenuity and eco-friendly innovation for future generations.

Among our primary goals are fundraising to support building upgrades that meet code requirements while maintaining the historic, artistic and educational heritage of The Last Resort.

The Lagunitas Project is also actively pursuing all necessary avenues to meet goals required by the court appointed receiver, pay penalties and fees and transfer the deed of ownership into a trust where the TLP is a trustee.

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