The Importance of The Lagunitas Project

Community Support

In 2018, the Board of Trustees incorporated THE LAGUNITAS PROJECT as a 501 (c) 3 public benefit non-profit organization to preserve and create community access to THE LAST RESORT. Endorsed by the Sierra Club, TLR is considered by many authorities to represent one of the last examples of the Back-to-Earth Movement in existence.

The Lagunitas Project volunteer board and staff represent a cross section of the local community deeply concerned with the future of environmental sustainability and the unique legacy provided by The Last Resort.

Since our initial startup, we have focused on developing organization infrastructure, reports, procedures and community outreach. Now in our second phase, we anticipate raising broader awareness for the importance of The Lagunitas Project, its mission and the role we can play in helping Marin address the arts and the environment. We are currently drafting, “The Comprehensive Historical Preservation, Architectural Rehabilitation & Arts Access Plan” which outlines concrete action steps for bringing TLR to the community and allowing you to help us create a nexus for recovering biodiversity and growing environmental awareness, as stimulated by the sustainable village at The Last Resort —the nucleus of The Lagunitas Project. The preservation, transfer of TLR, and scope of rehabilitation are solely contingent upon community support. Currently, daily work for Board and Staff is structured to achieve the following goals:

  • Promoting architectures, traditional cultures, and innovations that spark creative solutions to environmental challenges
  • Fundraising to maintain TLR to State Historical Building Code standards and rehabilitate buildings as needed to comply with public access safety standards
  • Showcasing local and regional artist’s work
  • Being one of the top ten experiential and educational resources for students and visitors of all ages
  • Conducting community events to generate awareness of bio-managed systems
  • Offering an “alive” year-round environmentally focused arts residency program
  • Supporting local individuals, artists and organizations in their creative pursuit
  • Creating community garden space with “Plant It Forward” donations for feeding the homeless
  • Inspiring self-sufficiency
  • Establish the David L. Hoffman Research Library for environmental sustainability

Geographic Scope
The Lagunitas Project plans to be an inspirational model for living sustainably in the San Francisco Bay Area by providing programming and arts access for each of the San Francisco Bay Area’s five counties including the San Rafael, Santa Rosa, San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland communities.

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