• Paul Seaton, Executive Director

    Paul Seaton founded the award winning web portal, Quiet Mountain in 1996, for the preservation of Tibetan culture through technology. Offsetting federal funding cutbacks in 2002, Paul helped to secure the Information/Technology program for the Head Start Child Development Program in Northern California. In 2010, Paul helped to sustain a financial legacy for a large Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the United States. And in 2011, Paul was instrumental in developing a $3.5M capital campaign to fuel rural community arts in Vermont. He has served on non profit boards and is deeply committed to creating "The Beloved Community."

  • Liv Salinger, Public Relations Intern

    Liv graduated from Dominican University of California in May 2019 with a BA in Political Science. She was inducted into the Dominican Honors Program and the the national political science honors society, Pi Sigma Alpha, in 2018. She studied abroad in the Czech Republic in the spring of 2018. She has worked as a canvasser for an environmental activist organization and was a policy intern for the Ella Baker Center of Human Rights in 2019. Liv is passionate about building a sustainable future through activism.