The Last Resort is a unique architectural wonder––a self-sustaining amalgam of 37 highly original structures known for their beauty and functionality. For over 40 years, David Lee Hoffman has built and designed a series of handcrafted structures utilizing high quality recycled materials. The Last Resort is an environmental model of sustainable and harmonious living. Its mission is to discover and perfect practical low-cost sustainable methods for waste management, water reuse, and food security. Many consider this work to be a one of a kind quintessential ‘living history’ —a testimony to the do-it-yourself, back-to-the-land, respect Mother Earth ethos of the 1960’s— taken to heart.

After decades of tacit approval for its creator’s unconventional building practices––and despite its nomination a historic architectural heritage site––The Last Resort is now threatened with demolition. The current mission of The Lagunitas Project is to ensure the preservation of The Last Resort so that it may be enjoyed by future generations and serve as a beacon of artistic ingenuity in sustainable development.